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December Art Walk

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December Art Walk 2019


Visit participating venues around Woodinville to see amazing art by local artists year-round! For an extra special family friendly night out,  visit all the venues during the quarterly art walk for live art demos, live music, drink specials, and more! Maps can be picked up at any participating venue and the Woodinville Visitors’ Center.

Participating venues and artists-

Davenport – Gary Greene

Locust – Ron Stewart

Armstrong – Joy Hagen

Sol Stone – Lisa Kaplan

Beaumont – Pamela Mauseth

Gard – Brooke Borcherding

Hopheads – Hannah Salia

Long Cellars – Laura Wilson

Forgeron Cellars – Anne Waters

Rte. 522 – Nicole Monahan

Lauren Ashton – Chelle Caldwell

Goose Ridge – Kimberly Adams